What is Project Persuasion?

A modern retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion

At 27, she lost her job and moved back home. And started an anonymous blog. She calls herself Anne Elliot and she's about to run into someone from her past. Project Persuasion is Anne telling you her own story via blog and twitter, using the interactivity of social media to enrich the story in new ways.
Inspired by The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and The Autobiography of Jane Eyre.

The Blog

Anne's blog, Half Hope is where the story unfolds. Blog posts, photos, links, and maybe the occasional video give you a glimpse into Anne's world as she navigates through major changes in her life. Check the blog daily or subscribe to receive posts by email.


You can find Anne at @AliasAnneElliot where she shares things that happen throughout her day.


Anne is an avid piano player and is posting videos of her practice sessions. Other videos may appear from time to time. You never know. Anne's YouTube Channel

Stay Tuned

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Project Updates

This is the place to find out the latest info and project updates.

John Doe

The End

That's the end! Anne and Wentworth are out facing life's adventures together, as they should be. Don't miss Anne's last piano post: here . Thanks to everyone who read, subscribed, commented, tweeted, tumbled - I've had fun, I hope you all have too!

If you need more Austen adaptations in your life - you can check out the ongoing vlog From Mansfield with Love, or, on the more humourous side, The Jane Games (poor Anne!)

John Doe

More Than Half Hope?

It is a very exciting time on Anne's blog right now! www.halfhope.blogspot.com. Your heart just kind of breaks for Anne through much of the story, but at this point - at this point you start to hope for her. It's going to go fast from here on out, so hang on! Don't forget about Anne's twitter account. When really stressful things happen she tends to rely on her twitter friends to help her through. @AliasAnneElliot

John Doe

That Wentworth Guy

Anne has been posting on her blog for 3 months now! She's moved in with her sister Mary for a bit, outside of the city - that was an adjustment. When her ex Wentworth appeared, things got complicated. I'll give you a spoiler - they aren't going to uncomplicate in the near future! Have you checked out Anne's videos on youtube? Remember - you can subscribe to the blog and get the new posts in your inbox each day: Anne's blog: www.halfhope.blogspot.com. Anne's twitter account: @AliasAnneElliot

Hope you are all enjoying the story!

John Doe

Blog Launched!

The blog by Anne Elliot has started! She published her first post Aug 18 and another today. This is the beginning of a journey that will span several months, I hope you will follow along and enjoy! All the action will happen on Anne's blog: www.halfhope.blogspot.com and on Anne's twitter account at @AliasAnneElliot I'm very excited that this story is making its way into the world - have fun!

Sakura Haruno

Launch Date!

I'm so glad you found the project site! You're just a teeny, tiny bit early. Anne's blog launches on August 18, 2014. I hope you'll check it out then. In the meantime, follow Anne on twitter at @AliasAnneElliot and like our project Facebook page so you don't loose track of us.

The Writing

The writing was done by Lisa Brideau with feedback from several kind friends (thanks Jodie, Jennifer, Rebekah). To do the writing Lisa re-read Persuasion ~400 times (she still loves it). Lisa has been writing a blog of her own since July 2002.

The Websites

Lisa started the websites and Michelle Brideau actually made them work via her mad coding skillz. The beautiful graphic at the top of the Half Hope blog was done by graphic designer Debra Hughes.

Social Media

Lisa handles all the social media elements; it's possible this whole project is all just an excuse to spend more time on Twitter and Facebook.


Photos featured on the blog are used with kind permission of the photographers who include: Amanda Mitchell, Ben Johnson. Occasionally they are Lisa's photos.


The talented Yvonne Hii is standing in for Anne at the piano.

Mystery Item 2

Lacy's beautiful handwritten letter was done by the talented Amelia Ireland Roy.

Contact Us

Feedback is awesome! Use which ever method suits you: tweet, email or Facebook me. Thanks for taking the time!

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